William J. Hill (Dec. 12, 1827-Mar. 15, 1862) of White County, Tennessee

Mary M. Carnes (May 4,1827-Dec. 9, 1901) of Spencer, Tennessee

William D. Carnes (1805-1879) - Mary's father, President of Burritt College,
Knoxville College (later the University of Tennessee), and Franklin
College. Click
here for W.D.Carnes' biography.

Elizabeth Billingsley Carnes (1806-1859) - Mary's mother, from Pikeville, TN





Brothers and Sisters of Mary Carnes:

Campbell - b. 1829
Amanda - b. 1831
Erasmus (Ras) - b. 1835
Joseph (Jo.) - b. 1841
William (Willie or Will) - b. 1845
Annette (Nettie, Net) - b. 1848


Brothers and Sisters of William Hill:

(William Hill had several other brothers and sisters who are not mentioned in the letters)


 The Children of William and Mary Hill:

Edwin (Eddie) - b. April 1855
Lucius (Lu) - b. Aug. 1856
Ella - b. June 1858
Dora (Dolly) - b. Dec.1859
Walter Shropshire - b. Oct.1861 (Also referred to as "the baby" and "our boy". Walter Shropshire's name was later changed to William Walter)


George Rogers- married Amanda Carnes in 1857.


 Ida Rogers (Apr. 1858-c.1881) - daughter of Amanda Hill and George Rogers who was adopted by William and Mary Hill after Amanda's death in c.1859.


George Real - Martha Hill's husband


 Martha Davis - probably the daughter of John Davis, the brother of W.D. Carnes' mother


 Mulkey - maiden name of Elizabeth Billingsley's mother


Uncle John - probably John Billingsley, Elizabeth's uncle


Uncle Abner Hill - brother of Winkfield Hill, William's father. Abner was one of the first Christian Church preachers in Tennessee. He moved to Texas.


Gov. Johnson - Andrew Johnson, Gov. of Tennessee, 1853-1857, who later succeeded Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States.


Gentry - Meredith P. Gentry, a Whig congressman, ran against Johnson for governor in 1855. He had deserted his party, as had many Southerners. He was nominated to oppose Johnson without a convention. Was also secretly nominated by the Know-Nothings.


Gov. Harris - Isham Harris, an able Memphis lawyer and Democrat who was a bitter opponent of Johnson. He became a secessionist governor.


Col. Netherland - John Netherland, Unionist congressman from Sullivan Co. who opposed Isham Harris for governor in 1859.


Brownlow - William G. Brownlow, Unionist Whig editor from Jonesboro who served as both governor and senator after the war.


Gen. Crittenden - George B. Crittenden, commander of the Confederate forces in the battle of Mill Springs, near Somerset, Ky. Jan. 19, 1861. The Confederates were defeated by Gen. George H. Thomas. Although this victory by the Union army gave them an opportunity to move through the Cumberland Gap and come to the aid of Union sympathizers in E. Tennessee, they did not take advantage. The battle is also called Fishing Creek and Logans Cross Roads.


Carrol - Gen. William H. Carroll, commander of the 2nd Brigade in Crittenden's army at Mill Springs

Gen. Beauregard - Confederate general at battle of Fort Sumpter.


L. C. Haynes - lawyer, Methodist minister, and secessionist Democrat from Jonesboro. Lifelong adversary of Andrew Johnson.


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